Finally an Applicant Tracking System that fits YOU!

Our Custom Applicant Tracking Systems are build for you and your needs.
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Custom Applicant Tracking System

Using an out of the box Applicant Tracking System that doesn’t work well with your company’s workflow plan? Frustrated because of what it can’t do and irritated by the features it does have that you don’t need? A custom ATS may be exactly what you need to help your employees be more efficient and your company be more profitable!

Eliminate Monthly Payments

Our custom Applicant Tracking System ensures you’re no longer having to pay per user for access to something you do not own.


Customized to Meet Your Needs

The beauty of a custom ATS is the ability to build it to match your existing systems and structures. This will save your time and money.


Add Features or Make Changes Anytime

It’s your Applicant Tracking System.  We will be available to help you scale or grow it as your needs change.

You Control Your Data

You have total control over your data. No one will ever be able to charge you to move it out of a system again, since it’s yours!

Think a custom ATS is right for you?

Let’s talk and see what’s right for you and your company!