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Keep Doing it the Old Way

Time spent on unreturned cold calls, resume parsing, candidate nurturing–you know it can all be simplified, you’re stuck running on spreadsheets, paper files, and too little time because you can’t risk investing in an ATS that doesn’t meet your needs. Lemmtec has a solution to help you change that. 

Get ahead with a Custom Solution

It’s easy to buy an open-market product, but you don’t need everyone else’s software. You need something that understands how to respond to your nuances and your specific needs. When you partner with Lemmtec, you get a solution-centered expert, who specializes in building cost-effective, intuitive software for your staffing and recruiting needs.

Personal Touch & Ongoing Support 

Responsive is the real agile.

Agile software may be the new buzzword, but if you’re spending all your time waiting on backlogged help desks or busy phone lines, the promise of collaboration and teamwork fades pretty quickly. 

With Lemmtec, we believe great things can only happen when we work together, and our guarantee is to always be available. No help desks. No automated answering bots. Just real people who are ready to do whatever it takes to make your job easier. 

Flexible & Scalable 

Build for today. Plan for tomorrow.

Building an ATS with Lemmtec means your hard-earned time and money are well-spent on programs and applications that deliver big impacts for today, and set you up for even bigger things down the road. 

Cost-Effective & Return on Investment 

Breathe easy without expensive per user fees. 

You shouldn’t have to pick and choose when it comes to giving your team access to your ATS program. Our one-time charge covers everything from development to post-development support, and it empowers you to invite every team member on board so you can let your business grow exactly how you need it to. 

Easy-to-Use & Intuitive 

This software puts you first.

Our customized ATS program is built around the way you work, making it easy to learn and even easier to use because it’s been designed to think and act like your primary users. And this means that you’ll be able to hit the ground running as soon as your program is complete. 

We’re experts at helping small businesses grow.

Eddie Paseur

“We wanted someone with more of a personal touch than what we had received from bigger providers, and that was Lemmtec. James takes the time to understand your needs. He’s someone who can be relied upon for support and development expertise. He’s very responsive and truly customize to meet whatever need we have.”

Diane Sanders

I knew James would get us because he’s a small business owner. They created a new site for us and were very responsive. Everything was so simple, and I highly recommend working with them.

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