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Every small business wants to gain a competitive edge over their competition. But for that to happen, your business needs to be visible when they are searching for what your business offers.
Ranking on page one increases traffic to your website and, ultimately the chance of new customers finding you. But that doesn’t happen without investing in SEO services from a reputable firm that ensures your content and website are properly optimized.

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Step 1: Baseline visibility analysis

Not sure where you stack up? No worries. We do a through baseline visibility analysis to see where you rank for essential keywords related to your industry.

Step 2: Comprehensive keyword research

We do comprehensive keyword research to make sure you know the most important keywords to target for your industry to ensure you have the best opportunity to reach your target audience.

competitor research

Step 3: Competitor analysis

We study your competitors to see what keywords they are targeting, so you know where there might be gaps in your marketing strategy and planning.

Step 4: Content optimization

We optimize the content currently on your website to ensure it is positioned to get to your target audience and to ensure your target audience gets to you. 

Step 5: On-page SEO

We focus our energy and effort on your site, optimizing specific pages to target particular audiences. We focus on content and coding structure that helps your content be successfully found by your target audience.

Step 6: Monthly reports

Our monthly reports are designed to show you that our efforts are working. You will know where your traffic is coming from and what keywords are most impactful in reaching your target audience.

Reach your audience. Grow your business.

Let us help you create an SEO plan that will get results and grow your business.

Our clients are also our biggest fans.

Eddie Paseur

“We wanted someone with more of a personal touch than what we had received from bigger providers, and that was Lemmtec. James takes the time to understand your needs. He’s someone who can be relied upon for support and development expertise. He’s very responsive and truly customize to meet whatever need we have.”

Diane Sanders

I knew James would get us because he’s a small business owner. They created a new site for us and were very responsive. Everything was so simple, and I highly recommend working with them.

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