Having an expensive, well designed site that promotes your business is good. In fact, it’s great! 

However, a pretty website won’t do you (or your company) much good if your content is lacking in quality or quantity.

When constructing your company’s site, it’s necessary to have a clean, professional layout and relevant, engaging content. Without quality, well-written information your site won’t attract customers, generate leads, or grow your business.

So, below, we’ve compiled a short list of content essentials.

List Your Products and Services

Customers visiting your website generally want to know 2 things: who you are and what you do.

When building your site, make sure to include a full breakdown of any and all services you provide or goods you sell. Additionally, depending on your company, you may want to include what industries you serve. 

Clearly laying out your business’s resources is the most important thing you can do for a web user. 

This allows clients to get a good understanding of what you can offer them. If they like what they see, they may be encouraged to get in touch and start doing business!

Company Contact Information

This point may be obvious, but it doesn’t make it any less important!

Once a customer decides to do business with your company, they’ll want to get in contact with you and your team–through any form of communication.

It’s important to include your address (even if it’s just a P.O. box), phone number, email address, and a multitude of other contact forms. If you want to be available 24/7, you can even include a live chat.

Customers want companies that are easy to reach. It’s important to be available!

About Us

No one wants to do business with a faceless company. Prospective customers want to get to know you, your team, and your business. 

What does your company do? And why? When was it founded? Why did it start? Who will your clients be working with? These are all questions that should be answered on your website’s ‘About Us’ page.

Having a backstory and relevant information allows you to build a relationship with potential clients and helps build your company’s credibility. Clients want to know they’re working with a real company with real people!


People trust people. Today, whether people are buying a new phone or a new shirt, they want to read the product reviews first. Customers want to know what others think.

Including reviews on your website does just that. It allows web users to see the good (and hopefully not bad) things about your business.

This builds a sense of trust and encourages your leads to take the big leap and contact your team.

Company Blog

I know, I know. It seems like everyone these days is starting a blog.

But, hear me out, blogs offer so many benefits for your website and your company.

  • Blog posts can boost your site’s SEO (search engine optimization.) This puts your business on the map and makes your site pop up near the top of the results page when a web user types your name into Google.
  • Articles can also increase your company’s visibility. If you consistently post relevant, engaging content, web users may share your articles across the web. This can cause a boost in your site’s traffic. It’s also a great form of free marketing.
  • Blog posts also assist your company in building relationships with your audience. By creating content that attracts your target audience, you can reach prospective customers and encourage them to contact your company. Articles allow them to see you know your industry and what you’re doing!

Call to Action

Once web users have viewed your website and seen your content, it’s time to tell them what to do next.

You don’t want potential clients to leave your site without filling out a contact form or calling your company’s number. So don’t let them!

At the end of each page, include a short CTA that gives web users a task to complete. Whether you want them to fill out a contact form, sign up for a newsletter, or call a phone number, including a CTA can be the first step in building a relationship with a new client.


Having a list of frequently asked questions on your website can greatly benefit clients interested in your goods and services.

An FAQ page is a one stop shop for anything and everything a potential customer needs to know about your business and your team. Sometimes, it can even answer questions your leads didn’t even know they had!

After your FAQ page provides them with initial information, then it can point web users to more information you have available on your site. Then, if they still have more in-depth questions, they’re ready to pick up the phone and get in touch with you and your team.

A Personal Touch

There’s no easy layout for creating content for just any website. It all depends on you, your company, and your particular needs.

Depending on your company or industry, your website may need more content. For others, you may need less! When constructing your site, you need to consider what your team needs to successfully market your company. 

It’s important to take your target audience and their wants/needs into consideration, too.

Need help with Content for Your Website?

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