Over the past few weeks, we’ve explored many different forms of marketing and their purposes. These all come into play as we discuss our newest topic: inbound marketing.

What exactly is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a method of attracting customers to your company, services, and products by using content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, etc. 

(These are all topics we’ve covered before! Check out our other blog posts to learn more about these forms of marketing.)

Purpose of Inbound Marketing

The main purpose of inbound marketing is, of course, to attract consumers to your website and drum up business for your company.

By creating interest and organically driving traffic to your site, you have a better chance of generating leads and turning them into paying customers.

Inbound marketing is also a great way to increase your online presence and visibility. It allows you to engage with customers and make lasting connections.

There are 4 Stages of Successful Inbound Marketing


Inbound marketing is all about attracting people to your company and increasing your online presence. The best way to get consumers interested is by creating and publishing helpful content (i.e. blogs, videos, infographics) on your site and social media platforms.

Informative and engaging posts and content can up your website’s traffic and encourage potential customers to get involved with your company.


Once you’ve attracted enough interest in your business, it’s time to convert your web visitors into actual leads.

A “lead” is someone that has indicated interest in your company and could be a potential customer. The best way to find leads is by getting web user’s contact information. One strategy is to include offers on your website. Whether it’s a product demo, giveaway, contest, etc., these offers will give you an opportunity to make a connection and contact potential customers.

In addition to offers, it’s important to have calls to action and contact forms included everywhere on your website. A strong call to action can encourage potential customers to buy your products, sign up for your newsletter, or get in touch with your team.


Now that you’ve attracted web users and successfully gotten their contact info, what’s next? It’s time to turn those leads into real customers!

Reaching out to these leads, whether by phone, email, direct mail, etc., is imperative to closing the deal and obtaining a new customer.

And, remember, don’t get discouraged! According to John Yandrasits, expert salesman and founder of Mister Judo, “It can take anywhere from 6 – 13 attempts to reach a prospect.”


Now that you’ve closed the deal and secured the customer, it’s time to provide them with outstanding service!

By providing your clients with reliable and exceptional services or goods, you’ll keep them satisfied and coming back to do business with you again.

Additionally, pleased customers will spread the word about your company. Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to continuously find new customers and keep your business growing successfully.

Let’s Review

Inbound marketing is all about creating interest and drawing customers into your business. This is all accomplished by using other forms of marketing (such as content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO.)

Engaging content will attract web users to your site or social media platforms. Once they’re there, it’s up to you to convert, close, and delight!

Let Us Help!

Inbound marketing is no simple feat.

It takes an expert touch, strategy, and a dedication to creating and publishing helpful and interesting content. If you need help, it’s time to call in the experts!

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